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In our supply chain consulting firm, we bring value to our clients by applying a good strategy, so that you can count on security in your international trade operations by minimizing import risks, transparency in negotiations with suppliers by creating a solid business relationship and providing real-time monitoring with full visibility.

Our mission at LGS International

  • SecurityWe facilitate peace of mind in your international trade operations, mitigating the risks inherent to these transactions.
  • Transparency: We maintain clarity in negotiations with suppliers, cementing a robust business relationship with them.
  • Tracking: We offer real-time tracking and complete visibility, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business operations.

Our approach

We optimize and enhance your supply chain your supply chain management in Chinathrough a highly efficient purchasing intelligence service. To achieve the above, LGS International bases its ability to innovate and develop products in a network of certified factories, looking for our partners to find differentiation in new technologies, continuous cost reduction and development of new products in the right time for market exploitation.

Here are some reasons why we are leaders in importing products:聽

  • 60% of our customers are wholesalers, which highlights our ability to handle large orders.
  • Our products are distributed in more than 20,000 points of sale around the world, demonstrating our global reach.
  • We have achieved an average operational savings of 10% through the creation of an efficient supply chain and the presence of a team of specialists in China.
  • We collaborate with more than 1,000 certified factories, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our products.
  • Our customers enjoy operational savings of more than 10% during their first year with us, a testament to the efficiency and added value we provide.

Our values


At LGS we understand, analyse and highlight our client's needs, always seeking to maximise costs and optimise quality.


Sourcing plans are always within reach of customers, seeking a solid business relationship with them and shielding purchases in Asia.


Our team of experts strategically positioned in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Mexico City provides 24/7 service, enhancing international operations.

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