Import from China for entrepreneurs

LGS International was created by entrepreneurs who understand the difficulty of importing products from China and turning an idea into a tangible good. This is why we have created a platform to support entrepreneurs to import from China and create value in their communities.聽

We are an international trade consulting firm dedicated to help entrepreneurs in their import process from China. We offer customized solutions to ensure high quality products at competitive prices.聽

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Personalized advice for start-ups

We are specialists in entrepreneurs related to finished product, where we can bring our help and experience of all these years to turn that dream into a large scale production focused on wholesale and retail.

We have two strategies for entrepreneurs:

  • Product development and large-scale manufacturing.
  • Supply chain consulting.聽聽
  • Investment or capital injection.

Our international trade experts will guide you will guide you through the whole process of importing products from China. From selecting reliable suppliers to coordinating the shipment of your products.

In addition, we provide you with updated information on import regulations and standards in your country, so that you can comply with all legal requirements.

We make sure you have a complete understanding of each stage of the process so you can make informed decisions and get the best results.

Quality control of your imported products

At LGS International, we have a rigorous supplier selection process to ensure that we work with the best manufacturers in China.聽

We guarantee the quality of your products before they are shipped, and we offer constant delivery tracking to make sure they arrive on time. Our team of international trade experts can help you find the right suppliers for your needs and budget.

After-sales follow-up and support

Once your products have been delivered, we stay in touch to make sure you are satisfied with the results and provide support should you need it.

If a problem arises with your merchandise, our support team is available to help you resolve it quickly and efficiently.

At LGS International we are committed to helping entrepreneurs import products from China effectively and efficiently. With our advice and logistics solutions, you can be sure that your import process will be a success.聽

To apply send an executive summary of your idea and requirements to We will contact you once we have analyzed your proposal!

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