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We are specialists in international trade

At LGS International we are experts in importing products from China to ensure an efficient and effective supply chain.

The importance of having an international trade representative lies in the need to have a strategic ally in China.

In our foreign trade consulting firm we take care of managing the entire import process from China, through a team specialized in international trade.

International trade consulting team

LGS International: your strategic partner to innovate your imports from China

Hire a company specialized in supply chain such as LGS International, is the best option for companies and entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs who are looking to import Chinese products safely and smoothly. and smoothly. By establishing the necessary efforts to create strong inter-regional collaborations and become a strategic partner, LGS International is the best option for strategic partner for companies seeking to innovate.

We have represented companies from 14 Latin American and European countries in Asia, who are leaders in their industries thanks to the advantages obtained in their international sourcing.

Adaptability and innovation in your import strategies

We know that each company has unique needs, so we work together with you to develop customized and innovative supply chain solutions supply chain solutions that allow you to stay ahead in your import processes.

One of the ways we help you innovate is by adapting new products to your import strategies. adapting new products to your import strategies.. This involves not only identifying new products that may be relevant to your business, but also assessing the feasibility of importing them and integrating them into your supply chain.

Our experience in supply chain supply chain management in China allows us to have a perfect knowledge of the culture, language and regulations of the Asian country. This allows us to guarantee a smooth import and confidence in our team, giving us the advantage of being the first to distribute the new range, believing in the potential of our business partners.

International trade strategies
Woman making a supply chain plan

Product development: A key service for your business

Thanks to our more than 10 years of experienceallows us to understand the importance of process optimization to secure your investment.

One of the services we offer is the product developmentwhere we implement a benchmarking process to obtain accurate market information and take the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio. Our team of international trade experts evaluates the project and aligns it with your company's objectives, which will allow you to optimize costs from the beginning of the project.

Production and continuous cost improvement

We understand the importance of production and continuous cost improvement in the supply chain. That is why, once we have analyzed our portfolio of suppliers with in-house certifications (UL, ISO, ROHS, SMETA, BSCI), we make a final filter in our supplier matrix to select the one that complies with a lean manufacturing oriented to a quality increase and cost reduction from the first transaction.

During production follow-up, our specialist team in China our specialist team in China will be following up with you and we will perform the necessary tests to optimize resources and reduce costs in the process.

We are focused on offering customized solutions and working together to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your processes and reduce supply chain costs.

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