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Implementing, innovating and optimising supply chains

LGS disrupts by making clients rethink their operating models in Asia; providing tools to be protected and prepared for risks; and establishing the necessary efforts to create strong cross-regional collaborations; making us an attractive strategic partner for companies and startups looking to innovate.


Adaptability and innovation

"Real-time differentiation and adaptation of new products to our clients' strategies".

By having a multinational infrastructure, LGS has been able to approach different sources of information to achieve differentiation for our clients, finding market opportunities and mitigating risks in the production chain. In addition to this, innovation is one of the key points on which we focus resources so that our customers have a chance to increase their market presence and pioneer new market trends. The suppliers we cooperate with trust our team and give us the advantage of being the first to distribute the new range because they trust in the potential of our business partners.

Product development

"Comparison, price-quality ratio and certified suppliers."

The experience of 10 years in the market, allows us to optimise processes, ensuring the investment of our customers. For product development it is necessary to carry out a benchmarking process to obtain accurate market information and find the best solution in terms of price-quality ratio. To achieve this, it is necessary that our team of experts in international trade evaluates the project, implements a work structure (based on the requirements of our partners) and aligns the objectives of both companies. During the process, a specialist sourcing team will always be available to optimise costs from the very beginning of the process.


Production and continuous cost improvement

"Economy of scale, continuous savings and efficient operations."

Once we have analysed our supplier portfolio (with in-house certifications UL, ISO, ROHS, SMETA, BSCI, among others) and analysed the price-quality ratio, a final filter is made in the LGS supplier matrix to select the supplier that complies with lean manufacturing oriented to an increase in quality and cost reduction from the first transaction.

During production monitoring, the necessary tests will be carried out to optimise resources and our team of experts will be following up on the possible problems faced during production.


"We achieved a minimum percentage of returns, creating benefits for our partners."

The production and quality tracking system has been successful in maximising our customers' profits, enhancing product and brand reputation, as well as optimising costs incurred during the supply chain.

Based on our quality reports, feedback from our customers and an analysis of merchandise returns that may have been detrimental to our partners, we created an improvement plan for future purchases to allow for a less than 2% approach to merchandise returns.


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