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In recent years, the globalization of business has generated an enormous growth in trade between different countries, including Mexico and China. 

With the goal of helping entrepreneurs Mexican entrepreneurs and businessmen to enter into commercial agreements with Chinese companies and overcome the language barrier, geographical distance or cultural differences, Diego Alonso Ocampo Torres and Eduardo Sojo Santos founded in 2012 the international trade consulting firm LGS International.

LGS International offers consulting and services for those companies that wish to import products from China to Mexico. Our mission is to help our clients identify and acquire the best products in the Chinese market, making sure they receive the right product in perfect condition.

The success we have had has been such that in 2013 we opened the first headquarters in Shanghai and in 2014 was the opening of infrastructure in Hong Kong. Since then, the company has been a great Business Promise, having in 2021 the Record of developed products and we reached a turnover of 160 million pesos in 2022, with the expectation of reaching 190 million pesos by 2023. 

It is no wonder that this year 2023, LGS International was selected by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising businesses.

LGS International 30 business promises

It is evident that LGS International is an international trade consulting firm that has overcome the challenge of opening markets between Mexico and China, thanks to the experience of its founders and the professional team of team of professionals who work with dedication to help entrepreneurs and businessmen to succeed in all their commercial projects.

LGS International ofrece aa great variedad of alternaativas for satisfacer the necesidades from import from China. ¡Get to know us!

Experience in international trade

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